Incident Command Assistant

Incident Command Assistant for Search and Rescue

Because nobody likes doing paperwork

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What is the Incident Command Assistant?

At its core, this program is designed to speed up the process of completing Incident Command System paperwork for a SAR task.

This is achieved by automating as much as possible, ensuring that once you've entered something like a task number, it will show up automatically everywhere it is needed.

Once you're accustomed to using it, you can easily generate the necessary paperwork for a dozen assignments in under 30 minutes.

The story so far...

The inspiration for this app came while I was working as the Plans Chief on a larger task.

It was several days in, and the command team was burning the midnight oil getting team assignments ready for the next operational period of the search as it rampted up to include over 100 searchers and convergent, and about two dozen assignments.

I was struck with the amount of repetition while filling out the various forms. Task number, task name, and even the text of the team assignments were repeating to a great degree. Perhaps if my background was in English literature, I’d have found more creative and varied ways to say “Do a visual sweep of the area on the map”, but instead I’m a programmer so I made this app to speed things along.

We ultimately found the subject after 5 days, and after I'd gotten a little sleep I began work on this app. It has since been used during a number of large scale responses in the province, and I continue to add new features. Anything is better than doing all that paperwork by hand!

--Dylan Baker, Manager with Campbell River SAR

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Save Time

Only type it once

Whenever possible, the app takes information from one place and uses it elsewhere. If you enter subject information into the Subject Profile, it will automaticaly populate the SMEAC briefing. If you create team assignments, it will automatically make the Ops plan, etc.

Reflex Tasking

Based on the subject profile, you can easily create a large number of "reflex" tasks for common assignments.

The app comes with a host of assignments for the Hiker profile, but you can add additional ones in your own system for subject categories you see often.

Preset Assignments, Plans, Briefings

The app comes with a number of pre-made team assignment descriptions and safety plans. With just a few clicks you can add the preset text, modify it as needed, and output it into familiar ICS forms to print, save, etc.

You can add new items as well, to customize the app to suit your group

Complete Package

Team Assignments

At your option you can include a subject profile, a PDF map file, and the "S__AC" portion of the briefing with each team assignment. This allows you to quickly create a "package" for team leaders, including a portion of their briefing with blank spaces for Mission and Execution. You can also automatically generate 2 copies of page 1 if your workflow includes giving a copy to the TL and keeping one at the ICP.

Incident Action Plan

All of the forms needed to build your incident action plan are included in the app, and can be completed quickly using preset values and "only type it once". When you're ready, you can print individual forms, or a complete Incident Action Plan package as a single PDF. Great for sharing or emailing as needed.

ICS Forms

At the moment, the following forms are supported:

  • ICS 202 Incident Objectives
  • ICS 204 Team Assignment NEW & Debrief
  • NEW ICS 204C Clue Report
  • ICS 205 Communications Plan
  • ICS 206 Medical Plan
  • ICS 207 Organization Chart
  • ICS 211 Check In List
  • ICS 215 Operations Plan
  • ICS 301 Subject Profile
  • ICS 305 Safety Plan
  • ICS 307 Transport Plan
  • ICS 309 Radio Log
  • + A full SMEAC-format briefing


Teamwork over LAN

As of version 5.0, the desktop application allows multiple devices to connect over a local area network (no internet required) and collaborate on the same task. One computer might be working on team assignments while another builds the subject profile. Changes made by one machine will be automatically updated on the others.

Easy to Email

  • Everything outputs to standard ICS forms in PDF which are easy to email or otherwise share as needed. Recipients don't need this program to open the PDF files!
  • The entire task is saved as a single small XML-format file which can easily be backed up, shared, or moved to another computer. Users with this app will be able to open it and review everything as needed.
  • You will soon be able to syncronize your task with the web-based version of the app allowing for collaboration over distance when internet is available at the ICP. Coming soon!

Real-Time Task Status

Member Status

Import your team's members from D4H so they can be quickly and easily added to assignments or ICS roles within the task. You can also add new members on the fly.

Once a member has signed in to the task, you can eaisly keep track of where they've been assigned, and what their team's status is.

Check in lists are generated (per SAR team) on standard ICS 211 forms for archiving.

Communications Logging

By logging communications within the app (be they radio, inreach, cellphone, etc), the app can assist you with the following:

  • Select the status of teams when they check in so you can easily see which teams are in the field, which are en route back to base, and which are waiting around for transportation.
  • Set a check-in interval for teams, the app will colour code those teams you haven't heard from in a while.
  • Log your calls to ECC and the app will remind you when it is time to check in again (if you'd like it to)
  • Output all your communications onto a standard ICS 309 radio log form for archiving
  • Easily flag and review critical communications from previous operational periods.


Desktop App
  • Windows application
  • Unlimited tasks
  • Unlimited installations
  • Add/Customize preset values
Web-based App
  • Web-based application
  • Unlimited tasks
  • Unlimited installations
  • Add/Customize preset values
  • (internet required)
That's it?

Yes, that's it. The whole thing is free.

Yes, I'm an idiot generous.